Revenge of the Crits

I know this is kind of off the beaten track, but I just wanted to put down a few words about George Lucas's latest (and final) Star Wars epic. It seems to me that Revenge of the Sith has received two opposing responses: either it's great, or it's cack. Now I saw it the first weekend it came out and I liked it. I've always liked Star Wars, although I wouldn't regard myself as a die-hard fan (wears Jedi cloak at the weekends; registered as a practicing member of the Jedi 'faith'). I accept Star Wars for what it is, which was first and foremeost a return to the pulp cliff-hanger serials of the 30's-40's. Almost all of the bad crits Sith has received have focused on the "clunky dialogue" and the "wooden" acting. Well, hello! Look at the original three! Look at the script/acting in Return of the Jedi, for crying out loud! And yet they're regarded now as "classics".
I agree that the prequels, despite their vastly-superior technology, have not engaged as well as the originals, but they are still great popcorn movies, and I would dearly love to know what the young kids watching them today think. (I would imagine that if I was an 8 or 10 or 12 year-old going to see these movies, I'd be thinking they were the coolest films ever!) I also think that given time, and finally seen in the context of a six-part story, people will look back at the prequels with a much kinder eye, and I think they will appreciate Lucas's saga a bit more (after all he's trying to entertain people, not harm them). Dare I say that given the growing number of unimaginative retread/remake/rehash movies we're being fed with these days , people in the future might even look back at the Star Wars saga and say, "Gee, they don't make 'em like that anymore!"
Come on you cynical buggers! Lighten up! They're only movies!


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