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My story 'Defence Mechanism', a sci-fi tale in the pulp style of Ray Bradbury, appears in the latest issue of PDF magazine Estronomicon. This is actually an "interim" issue, 6.5, which is offered in advance of the long-awaited issue 7. Check out the issue at Screaming Dreams.

Lost Love

I, like thousands of others, was distraught at the recent shenanigans between Sky and Virgin media (basically a petty squabble between two billionaires - yes, Branson and Murdoch, I mean you!) which resulted in the loss of Sky One to all Virgin Media customers. That, of course, meant no Lost! Now hooked on this amazing series, I have recently been rewatching the entire saga from the beginning, obtaining the DVD boxsets of series one and two from eBay, and revelling in the "greatest show on television" (Matthew Fox said that, but then he would - he's in it!) Now, I either have to switch to Sky (which means changing phone suppliers, too!) or wait to buy the DVDs of series three when they eventually come out sometime later this year. That makes me so annoyed I feel like punching the television! Lost was literally the only show I watch on TV. I am not happy, and I'm sure there are many others in the same boat. Branson and Murdoch - sort it out! Or I'll never speak to…

Transcendence - Hub Issue 2

The second issue of Hub arrived on my doormat Thursday morning and lifted my spirits no end. A very professional-looking publication, I must say, with glorious cover artwork by the talented Vincent Chong (the cover piece is entitled Transcendental Express). And how excited am I to see my name ON THE COVER! This is my first professional sale, and, I hope, not the last.The contents looks like this: In The Rivermen’s Lair by Barry J House
Little Sacrifices by Meg Kingston
Talent Search by Sarah L Edwards
Transcendence Express by Jetse de Vries
The Long View by Mark Torrender
Eight Excerpts from a Secret Interdimensional War by David Viner
ROH! by Douglas E Wright
Juju by Lee Moan
TLP by Vaughan Stanger
A bargain at £3.50 (£2 for PDF download. See the Hub website for more details.