Saturday, March 17, 2007

Transcendence - Hub Issue 2

The second issue of Hub arrived on my doormat Thursday morning and lifted my spirits no end. A very professional-looking publication, I must say, with glorious cover artwork by the talented Vincent Chong (the cover piece is entitled Transcendental Express). And how excited am I to see my name ON THE COVER! This is my first professional sale, and, I hope, not the last.

The contents looks like this:
In The Rivermen’s Lair by Barry J House
Little Sacrifices by Meg Kingston
Talent Search by Sarah L Edwards
Transcendence Express by Jetse de Vries
The Long View by Mark Torrender
Eight Excerpts from a Secret Interdimensional War by David Viner
ROH! by Douglas E Wright
Juju by Lee Moan
TLP by Vaughan Stanger
A bargain at £3.50 (£2 for PDF download. See the Hub website for more details.

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