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2009/2010: Looking Back, Looking Forward

All in all 2009 was a strange year - quiet in many respects but eventful, too. In the past twelve months I've had only a handful of short stories published (my quietest year yet) but I also had my first book published (The Hotel Galileo) at the start of the summer which was a wonderful experience. In September I visited Nottingham once again for my second FantasyCon and, despite feeling like "warmed-up death", I enjoyed it much more this year. It was a particular highlight to see Allyson Bird winning the award for Best Collection.

>Didn't get to the cinema very much in 2009. I just about managed to catch Star Trek back at the start of the summer and A Christmas Carol in November, both of which I thoroughly enjoyed. Over the Christmas break I've managed to squeeze in Avatar (awesome) and Sherlock Holmes (enjoyable romp).

> I joined LoveFilm this year so I've had a steady stream of DVDs to watch, but nothing that's really blown me away. In fact the film…

Christmas Estronomicon

The latest issue of Estronomicon went online on Christmas Eve over at Screaming Dreams. This is a bumper issue featuring lots of festive-themed fiction from such notable pens as Rhys Hughes, Bob Lock, Gary Fry, Shaun Hamilton, Hugh MacDonald and many many more. My own contribution is a story called Crack'd featuring two very special young women, Epiphany and Jade - the Crowe sisters. As I was writing this story I really came to like them and the more I filled in their back story the more I wanted to explore their world. Initially Crack'd was only intended as a one-off story but I'm thinking about revisiting the Crowe sisters at some point in the future. In the meantime, if you have time to peruse the issue I hope you enjoy the stories on offer.

Best of luck in 2010 everyone!