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National Novel Writing Month! Yikes!

I've only gone and signed up for what I can only describe as Organised Lunacy on a Global Scale. Yes, Novemeber is the official month for bashing out a 50,000 word novel in a mere 30 days. Easy. And peasy. Sometimes I knock out a novella in my lunch break at work.! (NOT!) This is my first attempt at this, and I'm being cautiously optimistic. My biggest problem is choosing which story to write, because right now I've got loads. (Believe me, this is not boasting. It's frightening!) I've managed to decide on what I think is the most promising idea, a story called (for the moment) 'Envy', which came to me this morning when I wrote down a one-line what-if synopsis thing, and the whole novel kind of exploded in my mind like one of those instant assembly tents, you know the ones where you just pull a cord and voila! Ici! Anyway, it's all kicking off on November 1st. I'm desperately trying not to cheat by starting it early -- you know, give myself a headsta…


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's issue 2 of new spec-fic mag Scifantastic, silly! And guess what? I'm in it!!! Hooray! Yes, turn to page five and you'll find my story 'Killing Gloria' looking very comfortable and all printed-like, with a great illustration by Roderick Gladwish. Superb! This is officially my first story in print! You can purchase this fab magazine by going to the following address: Well, go on then, hurry up.

Phew, need to lie down for a little while, chill . . .