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Back in the world

After almost two months without home internet access (thanks to Sky!), I was much relieved to be back online this last week. So much catching up to do, not least with the story submissions that have been out of circulation, etc. On the plus side, I have been working feverishly on a new steampunk novel, the first in a series, which I am very excited about. I'm also trying to hammer my novella The Hotel Galileo into shape ready for submitting somewhere. No new short stories of late, but I've got a couple of tales making appearances very soon:

Pleasure Units is to appear in the August issue of Twisted Tongue.
The Midnight Men is due to appear in Niteblade, issue 0, coming in September.
There's also the imminent appearance of The Man Who Ate Planets in Revelation 4:1 (been waiting a year for that one!) and the possible future publication of Halls of the Tollomai in Fiction. Fingers crossed there.

All in all, things have never been more exciting. I have a plan for the near future a…