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Art for Art's Sake

Just thought I would post some of my art on the site, if only for the sake of having it in one place for future reference. It's only a small selection, some of it new, some old. The first pic is the most recent: it was a sketch I did the other day using Artweaver software. I'm moving more into digital art of late. More to come soon...

Bits and Pieces

A few bits and pieces of news.

Story Acceptances:

The Weight of Shadows has been accepted by Jupiter SF and is due to appear in issue 23 (Jan '09), my second appearance in this quality UK-based sf quarterly.

The Man Who Ate Planets has been accepted for the Permuted Press anthology Best New Tales of the Apocalypse. This is a reprint anthology, and "Planets" first appeared last year in the final issue of Revelation Magazine which is sadly no more.


The Welsh Event (see earlier post):
Due to forces beyond my control (most forces are beyond my control, unfortunately!) I was unable to attend this con. I've seen some reports of the day already and it looked like a great success.
Back on January 1st, I made myself a resolution to attend one con this year, so I have now resolved to make it to Fantasycon in September. Paying my membership fee this week. Can't wait.

Writing Progress

Finished 'The Transmuted Engine' last week and very pleased so far with the firs…

Niteblade Anthology Poll

The e-zine Niteblade is running a month-long poll to decide which stories and poems from the first four issues will be included in the Niteblade print anthology Lost Innocence.

Two of my stories appear on the poll: "The Midnight Men" (Issue 1), and "The Glamour" (issue 3). "Midnight Men" got a very favourable review at Whispers of Wickedness a while back. If you managed to catch either of my tales, and you thought they were spiffing, and think they're deserving of inclusion in the anthology, I would much appreciate your vote. Here's a link to the poll:

Voting closes June 30.

Thank you for your support!

General Update

Have been getting down to it with new short story 'The Transmuted Engine'. This piece has turned into something quite remarkable and, after such a long hiatus, deeply satisfying. It's proved to be the perfect forum in which to let my imagination run wild. I am close to completing it, despite suffering from bouts of inexplicable fatigue over the past couple of weeks. Can't wait to finish this one and move onto 'The Spiders of Suburbia'.

Still wondering what to do with my completed novella The Hotel Galileo. Have looked at various options but none of them particylarly satisfying. I want to find the right publisher for this special story and am prepared to wait a while to find them.

I'm planning to attend the Space, Time, Machine and Monster: A Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Conference for the Valleys on Saturday 21 June 2008, 10:00am - 4:30pm at the University of Glamorgan, Treforest. (Tickets £5 / £3 concessions; available on the door onl…