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Doctor Who: Farewell to The Tenth Doctor

Now that's it's all over and the dust has settled and Gallifrey has been sent "back into hell", I'm finally able to see just where the Tenth Doctor's final adventure fits into the saga since its rebirth in 2005. I've come to wait a while on such things before making any rash judgements as most of the episodes which I now regard as my favourites took a second or third viewing to really help me fully appreciate them. (Although there are two episodes which I hated on first viewing and still hate even now, which I'll mention briefly later on.)
So was The End of Time any good? Was it a fitting send off for David Tennant, voted by readers of Doctor Who Magazine as the Most Popular Doctor in the show's history? Did the final episodes do him justice? Well, yes . . . and no.

To explain: As always, the double episode crammed a fair amount of drama into the two hour running time with some moments swinging wildly from the sublime to the fairly ridiculous. For e…

The Future

I've been messing about with this blog for a while and the truth is I'm just not entirely happy with it. I have promised myself a 'proper' website in the near future (probably after my degree is completed in May/June) with free content and other lovely stuff. I have exciting plans for a more professional website. Watch this space for changes.

As mentioned I will finish my Literature Degree in June this year. After that it really will be no-holds-barred. The amount of projects I have on the go or 'on-hold' at the moment will ensure that the next twelve months will be a every busy and exciting time.