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A few thoughts on Doctor Who, and 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi

A few thoughts on Doctor Who, and 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi (Den of Geek Article)

Whilst Den of Geek has pretty much nailed it all on the head in the above article, I just wanted to add my own thoughts on the casting of Peter Capaldi in the iconic role of the Doctor.

First things first, now that the news is sinking in, I am very very pleased. Buzzing, in fact.

Peter Capaldi's name was linked with the role over the past few days and even Den of Geek dismissed the idea as a little bit of misdirection, and I was quite convinced it was. But as soon as I saw his hand on the live TV show I shouted out, "It IS Peter Capaldi!", and I found myself suitably thrilled and confused at the same time. Considering the ages of recent Doctors I just didn't expect to see a new Doctor being cast who was over 40, let alone over 50. (Mr Capaldi is 55). But I am soooo glad they did. I have thoroughly enjoyed all three of the Doctors since the show started anew in 2005, and although it was …


Light years from home.
Bonded to an alien for survival.
A dark secret is about to be revealed . . .

The planet Verdana was supposed to be their new home, their new Eden. But shortly after arriving the human colonists were faced with a dilemma - join with the alaahi or perish. In the end, they chose the process of symbiosis, a physical conjoining with the native alaahi.

But now there are whispers amongst the colonists. The alaahi are not the benevolent beings they made themselves out to be. Before long a dark secret is about to be revealed, and young Jena must make a terrible choice . . .

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Joe and Susie Maxwell are heading across the moors to collect their daughter. Unfortunately, Joe forgot to fill up on petrol, despite his wife's advice to the contrary. To make matters worse, a strange cloud lies between them and their destination. Will they make it to their daughter before the petrol runs out? Or will they fall prey to the terrible things inside the cloud . . .?

DISTANCE TO EMPTY is an edge-of-your-seat tale of terror, a devastating thrill-ride into the unknown . . .

Why J.J. Abrams is a Great Choice to Direct Star Wars Episode 7

Now that the speculation is over and a director has finally been appointed for the forthcoming Star Wars sequel (Episode VII to give it its current correct title), our collective thoughts now turn to what we can expect from this new chapter in the Star Wars cinematic universe.


This is what we know:
1) Episode VII is the first film in a planned new trilogy.
2) This proposed trilogy has three different screenwriters in place - Michael Arndt (Little Miss Sunshine, Toy Story 3) for Episode 7, Lawrence Kasdan (The Empire Strikes Back, Raiders of the Lost Ark) for 8, and Simon Kinberg (X-Men, Sherlock Holmes, Jumper) for 9.
3) There will be more Star Wars movies outside of the proposed trilogy - Kathleen Kennedy has suggested that Disney want 2-3 SW films per year, similar in structure to the Marvel/Disney strategy of standalone movies building up to tent-pole event movies every three years or so.
4) The trilogy will be based on "an original story" so all those speculat…

Doctor Who - Baby Trouble

Hello me hearties! First off, apologies for the lack of blog entries, I've been very quiet on here lately . . . but for good reason. As well as editing and (almost) finishing two novels I've also started doing something I haven't done for years - making movies! I'm very excited to be back in that particular creative arena, it's always been hugely satisfying for me. Whilst I work on the various short films on the current roster, here's a very short (and a bit silly) Doctor Who skit we made. I hope you enjoy it, and if you do there'll be many more videos on the way over the next few weeks/months. Till next time, 'Adios amigos!'