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"Hope is found": Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens

I remember way back in 1999, as the world was gearing up to return to the Star Wars Universe for the very first prequel, the anticipation reached fever pitch. In the midst of all the excitement, one commenter had wise words to share - that no film could possibly live up to the expectation being heaped upon this movie. Star Wars is a phenomenon, and the arrival of a new movie is always an event, regardless of whether you're a fan or not. That call for caution was not only wise but also prescient. After watching The Phantom Menace, it took me a long time to realise just how much was wrong with it. The war in my heart between wanting something I loved to be great and the disappointing realisation that it wasn't lasted several years.

Now we are at a similar point. In a month's time, a new Star Wars film will hit cinemas and, once again, the anticipation and excitement is infectious. But I believe we have good reason to be excited. For a while, their was an air of caution over…

Anything But Zombies

Very proud and excited to have a story in this great new anthology!

From the publisher's page: "For decades we’ve had vampires, werewolves, Jason, Freddy, and Michael. And now zombies have gone all Hollywood.

Out of a need to figure out what is the next classic monster, publisher and lifelong horror enthusiast Gerald Dean Rice has assembled this fresh and downright disturbing collection of short stories featuring some of the most clever and imaginative horror writers of the day including Tim Curran, Jeff Strand, Armand Rosamilia, Rebecca Besser, MontiLee Stormer, Lee Moan, Tonia Brown, Jake Bible, Faye McCray, and Jimmy Pudge. Inside, the diverse cast of contributors introduces new breeds of monsters such as sentient sex dolls, anti-zombie terrorists, suicidal cultists, the woman who can smell sin, and more. These monsters come alive within the pages, and they are blow-your-mind frightening. They are just what the horror world needs. They are Anything but Zombies!"