Bibliography (Short Stories)


The Shoal - Anything But Zombies anthology from Atria Books


The Man Who Ate Planets - Reprinted in Best Tales of the Apocalypse
from Permuted Press


The Midnight Men and Other Stories - Supernatural Horror Collection (eBook only)

Symbiosis - Science Fiction Short Story (eBook only)

Forever - Short Stories (eBook only)

Crack'd - Estronomicon Christmas 2009 Issue
Medea's Children - Free Ebook available from Screaming Dreams:
The Hotel Galileo - Novella published by Wolfsinger Publications:
The Devil's Bones - Whispers of Wickedness Issue 16 (The Final Issue)
The Weight of Shadows - Jupiter SF #23: Kalyke, January

The Witch is Dead - Estronomicon (Hallowe'en Special) October
A World Without Men - Estronomicon (Recovery Edition), October
Halls of the Tollomai - Murky Depths #5, August
Killing Gloria - Estronomicon Fiction Special, May 2008
Wizard's Gambit - Arcane Whispers Vol. 1: The Best of Sorcerous Signals, May
The Glamour - Niteblade issue 3, March
The Witch is Dead - Whispers of Wickedness
Intervention - Bewildering Stories issue 264
The Midnight Men - Niteblade #1 (Sep)
The Man Who Ate Planets - Revelation 4:1 (August)
Pleasure Units - Twisted Tongue # 7 (August)
Wizard's Gambit - Sorcerous Signals # 2 (May)
Medea's Children - Jupiter SF # 16: Metis (April)
Defence Mechanism - Estronomicon 6.5 (March)
Juju - Hub Magazine # 2 (February)

The Boy Who Fell - Bewildering Stories, # 231 (Feb)
The Glamour - Chimaera Serials (January)

The View from the Bridge - From the Asylum, November
Groghol's Staff - Scifantastic # 5, August
Death's Head - Twisted Tongue # 3, August
Guardian - From the Asylum Press, July
The Midnight Men - Dark Recesses Press # 4 (July)
Madrigal - Published in Antipodean SF # 95 (Apr-May)
Brain Food - Published at Whispers of Wickedness, February

Deus Ex Machina - Published in Revelation 3:2, December.
Killing Gloria - Published in Scifantastic Vol 1 # 2, October.
The Power of Flight - Published in the Aug-Sept '05 issue of Antipodean SF August-Sept
Flotsam and Jetsam - Contest entry for Flash Me's Lightning Flash Fiction Contest, published July '05
Voices - Published in Flash Me Magazine July '05
Wizard's Gambit - Published in the July issue of Worlds of Wonder
The Boy Who Fell - Published in the June/July issue of AlienSkin
Defence Mechanism - Published in the June issue of Astounding Tales
Brain Food - Published in the Apr/May issue of Nocturnal Ooze
The Door in the Sky - Published in Issue 82 of Antipodean SF
Killing Gloria - Published in March issue of Nocturnal Ooze
Death's Head - Published in March issue of Astounding Tales
(Winner of the Editor's Choice Award)
The Knurg - Published in Issue 80 of Antipodean SF

Nan - Published at Whispers of Wickedness
Groghol's Staff - Published in December issue of Astounding Tales
The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Star Pilot - Published in Planet Magazine. Read the story here:
Probability and Chaos - Published in Issue 76 of Antipodean SF

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