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My First Cover!

Just sold my very first piece of artwork to Fiction magazine and it’s gracing the cover of the current PDF issue. Check out the magazine here: Fiction
Also, my ‘military sf’ story Halls of the Tollomai is scheduled to appear in the November issue. How chuffed am I? Very.

Whispered Again

If you go down to the Whispers of Wickedness website today you will find my latest little shocker, The Witch is Dead. This is my third piece to be published by Whispers (the other two being Nan and Brain Food, still available for reading in the Whispers online archive section: just click on Story Store). I love Whispers. Not only is it a good place to find well-written dark fiction, it is also a thriving writer’s community. The forum there is very active and very friendly, and the editors occasionally throw little get-togethers open to all new and established “Whisperers”. I attended the last WhisperCon earlier this year and thoroughly enjoyed it (see earlier blog entry on that subject). They are also kind enough to provide author pages for every contributor, and I’ve just had mine updated, as much has changed since I submitted my first story to them back in late 2004.

So if you like your fiction dark, go take a peek. You will not be disappointed.

Midnight Men in Niteblade

Just had my story The Midnight Men published in the first issue of Niteblade Magazine. The accompanying artwork and the general layout of this brand new ezine is very impressive. I even have my own "author page", with some info about me and a link to this blog. Editor Rhonda Parrish has done a cracking job, and on the strength of this premiere issue the future of Niteblade looks very bright indeed.
Here's a little teaser:

The Robinsons were the first to go.

It was the all-pervading purr of a powerful motor engine which dragged me from a deep and blissful sleep. The LED display on my alarm clock said: 12:03. It wasn’t unusual to hear cars on our street at that time of night--people being dropped home after a night out; nightshift workers heading off--but something about the drone of that car whispered to my subconscious. Something was not quite right...

Other News
Deeply frustrated at the moment. I have three writing projects on the go at the moment, two of them so close to su…