Whispered Again

If you go down to the Whispers of Wickedness website today you will find my latest little shocker, The Witch is Dead. This is my third piece to be published by Whispers (the other two being Nan and Brain Food, still available for reading in the Whispers online archive section: just click on Story Store). I love Whispers. Not only is it a good place to find well-written dark fiction, it is also a thriving writer’s community. The forum there is very active and very friendly, and the editors occasionally throw little get-togethers open to all new and established “Whisperers”. I attended the last WhisperCon earlier this year and thoroughly enjoyed it (see earlier blog entry on that subject). They are also kind enough to provide author pages for every contributor, and I’ve just had mine updated, as much has changed since I submitted my first story to them back in late 2004.

So if you like your fiction dark, go take a peek. You will not be disappointed.


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