Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's issue 2 of new spec-fic mag Scifantastic, silly! And guess what? I'm in it!!! Hooray! Yes, turn to page five and you'll find my story 'Killing Gloria' looking very comfortable and all printed-like, with a great illustration by Roderick Gladwish. Superb! This is officially my first story in print! You can purchase this fab magazine by going to the following address: Well, go on then, hurry up.

Phew, need to lie down for a little while, chill . . .


Dell Takes a Serious Blogging
"When [a] company has good news, customers will turn to the bloggers they already trust for interpretation," according to a white paper from Web search and navigation consultancy Intelliseek.
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hyip101 said…
What Will RealNetworks Do With The Money?
What Will RealNetworks Do With The Money? : With this $460 million cash bounty, RealNetworks now ... Together, the two command upwards of 44 percent of the market...AOL's AIM has about 56 percent, says BetaNews.
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