Probably one of the slowest weeks so far, with virtually nothing - I repeat, nothing - happening on the writing front. No responses from the current sub editors, and very little work done on the pending stories (apart from some work on ‘Symbiosis’ last night).

What does the future hold?
‘Juju’ could be with TTA for at least another two months, with no real guarantee of being accepted.
‘The Midnight Men’. The Farthing submission deadline ended tonight (12 June), but as the editor Wendy Bradley has had computer-crashing issues, there’s no guarantee when responses will be going out.
‘Voices’ has been submitted to Whispers twice now, so I’m hoping to hear something by mid-week at the latest.
And as for ‘The Man Who Ate Planets’, will they keep me waiting the entire three months? Will they decide not to use this story? Who knows.
‘Medea’s Children’. The Writers of the Future judging results response period ended last Thursday (9 June). Allowing an extra week for postage to Britain, I am hoping to get my envelope sometime this week. The suspense is truly hurting me, if not actually killing me.
As far as the WotF contest goes, I’m reaching crunch time regarding the next quarterly submission deadline, which is 30 June. If ‘Medea’s Children’ is not a contender, then I need to be looking at sending in something else for the current quarter. I think the only suitable story I have is ‘Deus ex Machina’, which could be knocked into shape pretty quickly if need be. Let’s hope this week provides some results, preferably positive.


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