The Hotel Galileo - Updated Ordering Details

Hi folks,

Just to let you know as concisely as possible the easiest ways to order The Hotel Galileo:

The cheapest and most efficient way is through Lulu printers via this link:
Lulu sell the book for £7.08 + £4.75 flat rate shipping to the UK.
Dispatch time is about 6-8 days.

You can also order it from Amazon's printers CreateSpace but I've just seen the shipping costs and they are very high to the UK and dispatch time is very slow, too. I'd advise Lulu, but here are the CreateSpace details anyway:

You can order from CreateSpace via this link:
PLEASE NOTE: When ordering from outside the US please use this discount code: FAFPNMQH
which gives a 25% discount to help offset the cost of international shipping.

To avoid all that shipping-cost malarkey you can also order it from Mobipocket as an ebook at this link:
Price of download: $2.49

You can order from Lulu and CreateSpace (see above links) but your best bet is probably direct from at this link:
Paperback is $9.95
(Kindle ebook version coming soon!)

Phew! I think that's about all.
Best wishes,Lee


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