The Hotel Galileo to be published in 2009

Well, I'm still stunned, excited, delirious. After a polite query to Carol Hightshoe at Wolfsinger Press asking about the status of my short novel submission, 'The Hotel Galileo', I received a reply offering me a contract for publication! I was so excited about this I couldn't sleep Sunday night. Woke up for work this morning completely knackered and wondering if I'd imagined it! But no, it's true. Carol said the book was scheduled to be released "sometime in 2009" as a paperback edition as well as an eBook version for Kindle etc. The paperback will be available to buy through

This is the culmination of two, maybe three years' work. The Hotel Galileo is, so far, one of the most enjoyable writing expereinces I've had so far. I really did have a ball writing it, and it was one of the first times I finished a project and was able to read it back over and feel really proud of it. (I've written several other novels prior to this which remain in a drawer and shall never see the light of day!)

So, what's it all about?

'The Hotel Galileo' is a murder mystery set in an alternate version of the Roaring Twenties where Mankind has ventured out into the stars. The action takes place on board the famed space hotel of the title, where an alien dignitary is murdered shortly after arrival. It is up to Barclay Heath, "one of the greatest detective mind's in the known universe", to see through the web of lies and subterfuge and uncover the deadly plot and the mystery which lies at the heart of the Hotel Galileo.

What else can I say? It's got dancehalls and flappers and the costumes of the Roaring Twenties all set in the plush surroundings of a steam-powered space hotel. It's a whodunnit, a whydunnit, a locked-room mystery with hidden chambers, unexpected twists and ancient alien mysticism.

And it's coming soon...


Greg Schwartz said…
congrats, Lee! i'll keep my eye out for it.
Lee Moan said…
Thanks, Greg!
Natalie said…
I canny wait, it sounds brilliant!!! :D
Congrats big bro! This is your Big break! But hopefully that doesn't mean you'll have to associate with Jim Davidson or John Virgo!!
Bobbie Metevier said…
I missed this entry! Congratulations!
Lee Moan said…
Thanks, Bobbie. Publisher Carol Hightshoe has said it will definitely be "sometime in 2009". I'm really looking forward to it.

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