Bull Running for Girls by Allyson Bird

Just finished reading:

Believe everything you may have heard about Allyson Bird’s debut collection Bull Running for Girls (Screaming Dreams Press, 2008), folks: this collection of adventure-horror tales is a stunning, absorbing read. The stories blend together seamlessly to create a unique travelogue style, mixing in supernatural horror and suspense, terror and tragedy. The twenty-one stories take in such locations as Pamplona (for the title story), Madison County, U.S., Hong Kong, the Silk Road in China, Bordeaux, Pompeii and more. So hard to pick a favourite story (they are all equally enchanting), but the highlights for me were ‘The Conical Witch’, ‘The Sly Boy Bar and Eatery’, ‘In a Pig’s Ear’, ‘Blood in Madness Ran’ and the longest story, ‘Silence is Golden’, all of which left me with the most amazing images in my mind long after having finished reading them.

The book is dedicated to Ally’s mother and her sister who both passed away recently, and it’s a wonderful tribute to them and to Ally as a writer that the book is filled with true heart and emotion. The book has been so popular they sold out of all copies at FantasyCon last year and had to order a second print run. I am very excited to hear that Ally is working on a novel. Judging by this glowing debut, it will be one to look out for.
To pick up your copy, contact Ally at: http://www.birdsnest.me.uk/
Cover art by Vincent Chong.


Kate said…
Ooh, I've been hearing good things abouut this - must go and get a copy!!

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