Reaching the Kindle Top Ten

Last week was a particularly exciting time for this author. Without any warning, my supernatural horror story collection The Midnight Men and Other Stories spent two days in the Amazon top ten charts.

For 48 hours I watched as it jumped about the Top 100 list for Horror Short Stories, reaching its highest ranking of #9, before falling down the rankings a bit then rising again to #10 briefly. At one time it was sandwiched between two HP Lovecraft collections! Cool! Another time it was also sandwiched between two of my literary heroes - Stephen King and Joe Konrath! As you can imagine, I was in a very happy place.

Thanks to everyone who purchased a copy and/or downloaded a sample. Its little moments like these which make the whole journey worthwhile.


Bookblogger said…
Congratulations!! I look forward to reading your book.

Lee Moan said…
Thanks Scott!
L. David Hesler said…
Excellent news, Lee. I was so happy to hear you were experiencing success!

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