I love my Kindle

I'd been planning to get myself a Kindle for ages, and after a recent trip to my local Staples store to purchase a memory stick and browse their range of laptops, I asked the sales assistant if by any chance they sold ebook readers. She pointed behind me and I was stunned (and a little suprised) to find a massive display dedicated to the Kindle towering over me. What's more surprising is that they were selling them at the same price as Amazon. So I got myself the Wi-Fi 3G version and haven't looked back since.

It really is a marvel. Without wanting this post to turn into an advert for Amazon's baby, I just want to say how this device really has changed the game for readers and, more importantly, writers in the 21st century. Here's an example of what I'm talking about:

Yesterday, Saturday, I attended my Open University graduation ceremony. I took my Kindle with me just in case there were some lulls in the day. There were. Anyway, during the ceremony an honorary degree was awarded to the writer William Trevor. Although I had heard of Mr Trevor before, I wasn't aware of his work other than knowing he was regarded as one of the greatest living short story writers. Well, after the ceremony was over, I turned on my Kindle and went straight to the Kindle store where I was able to download - instantly - some of his works. Within minutes I had familiarised myself with Mr Trevor and I am now reading one of his collected works. Magic. Ten years ago, or maybe even five years ago, doing this would have been regarded as science fiction. But the age of the digital ereader is here. The Kindle is just one of the growing wave. It just happens to be a darn good one.

Since purchasing it, the Kindle has reinvigorated my reading. A few years ago I was reading 50-60 novels a year. Recent personal setbacks have seen that number drop almost to zero over the past year. But the Kindle is already proving to be a big help in getting me back into reading, my second love after writing, obviously. I've just finished reading my first novel on Kindle (Draculas by JA Konrath, Blake Crouch, et al) and I have many more lined up that I'm dying to read.

Thank you, Kindle.


L. David Hesler said…
Kindle love is awesome!

I simply can't wait to get mine... though I have a feeling my bank account will take a hit when I start downloading all my favorite books.
Lee Moan said…
Hey David. Yes I have to say I've ordered a fair few books since getting it, but I've actually been surprisingly restrained so far. There are sooo many books I want to read and I have to keep telling myself "one at a time, you can only read one book at a time". Then I look at my paperback to-be-read pile and think "oh well, things haven't changed, then". :)

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