It's been a relatively quiet year for getting stories published, but I have a handful of stories about to be published in the coming months.

First up is "The Weight of Shadows" which is a science fiction story due to appear in the next issue of Jupiter SF in January 2009. This is my second appearance in this fine sf zine and I'm pleased to say there will be artwork accompanying my story provided by yours truly. I admit I have neglected my art for the last few years to concentrate on the fiction side of things. It was the encouraging comments from an old school friend that made me pick up the brush again. I hope the result isn't too shoddy. If feedback is positive I may look at doing more artwork in the future. We'll see.

Second imminent publication is in new online venue Arkham Tales, the personal project of editor Nathan Shumate. The first issue is online now and available to download as a PDF. My story "Inheritance", a weird western story, should be published in the second issue due around February next year.

Still awaiting the publication of "The Man Who Ate Planets" in the anthology Best New tales of the Apocalypse. The collection is edited by D. L. Snell and Bobbie Metevier. I recently saw the table of contents and it looks like my story is first up - how exciting is that!!! The book is to be published by Permuted Press any time soon.

All being well, "Deus Ex Machina" should appear in the next edition of Estronomicon. Watch this space for updates on that.

In other news, I submitted another story to the Aeon Award. The final deadline was yesterday, Nov 30th. Results will be announced in about two weeks. The story I sent in was inspired by something my five year-old daughter said to me one day. I hope it does well for that reason alone.

So lots of stuff coming up. And of course, there's the second draft of the novel. Work on that starts very soon.


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