Estronomicon FantasyCon 2008 Special

The FantasyCon issue of the FREE Estronomicon eZine is now available. Although I don't have a story in this issue my "Newbie's Guide to..." report is in there. Lots of great fiction from other writers including Allyson Bird, Neil Davies, Charles Black, Stephen Bacon, Tony Richards, Paul Kane and Marie O'Regan. The cover art is by Award-winning Vincent Chong.

It's a great issue, containing short stories by some of the FantasyCon attendees, art by award-winner Vincent Chong and lots of pictures of the event. I thoroughly enjoyed this convention and yes, there is a photo of me in there somewhere, but keep it quiet, won't you?

See the webpage for more info and to download :

or you can get it directly here (2.48mb) :


Bobbie Metevier said…

Nice Blog. You have an impressive list of credits, Lee! Any novels in the works or did I miss the post?
Lee Moan said…
Hi Bobbie, thanks for visiting. Yes, I have a short novel which is all but finished, and I'm about to start on the second draft of the full-length novel which I'm very excited about. just wish there was more time...

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