Friday, June 28, 2013


Light years from home.
Bonded to an alien for survival.
A dark secret is about to be revealed . . .

The planet Verdana was supposed to be their new home, their new Eden. But shortly after arriving the human colonists were faced with a dilemma - join with the alaahi or perish. In the end, they chose the process of symbiosis, a physical conjoining with the native alaahi.

But now there are whispers amongst the colonists. The alaahi are not the benevolent beings they made themselves out to be. Before long a dark secret is about to be revealed, and young Jena must make a terrible choice . . .

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Monday, June 10, 2013

FREE THIS WEEK: Science Fiction Mystery 'The Vanished Race'

THE VANISHED RACE, a science-fiction mystery thriller, is free all this week on Kindle. The Free Promotion ends on Friday. Please tell your friends. Please tell your enemies. Please tell anyone who will listen.
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