George Lucas to Remake the Star Wars Saga From Scratch

From Press Association, London:

In an announcement that is sure to upset millions of Star Wars fans and baffle many others, George Lucas has put forward his plans to remake the entire Star Wars saga from scratch, retelling the story of the Skywalker family using the same digital animation technology developed on his hit Clone Wars TV show.

'This was always what George was working towards,' a Lucasfilm spokesperson told us. 'He never felt that live-action film, even with the huge amount of CGI employed in the prequel trilogy, was able to do justice to his vision. Now, though, there are no technical limits in presenting his universe.'

The other big news is that there will only be five movies in the proposed retelling, starting with events surrounding the start of the Clone Wars as depicted in Attack of the Clones. Why the ommission of The Phantom Menace? 'Let's face it,' the spokesman said, 'The Phantom Menace is very much unloved by a lot of fans. And George recently admitted that as far as the storytelling goes it was mostly just padding. And, of course, there's Jar Jar...'

Having announced his retirement from directing, Lucas is handing over the entire project to his prequel producer, Rick McCallum.




heavy hedonist said…
You bastard! I was looking forward to this. Ah, well. Me and the super SW geek will just have to keep watching Clone Wars.

Peace, Mari
Lee Moan said…
Apologies, Mari! Woke up on April 1st feeling mischievous, couldn't resist. I'm sure Star Wars will get a complete remake treatment some day. Personally I'd love to see a CG animated version of Splinter of the Mind's Eye. It would be awesome to see the original characters get the same treatment as the Clone Wars series. Maybe some day...

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