A Quick Audit

It's been a while since I've written about my writing projects so I thought I'd have a quick roundup of where things are at.

Novel: Lazarus Island
This is the novel I wrote a few years ago which consumed me completely at the time of writing it. I finished it and then just stuck in my trunk folder. I got it out recently and began reading it and was pleasantly surprised to find it still packed quite a punch. I've vowed to fix the ending and send it out asap.

Novella: The Vanished Race
This is the follow-up to The Hotel Galileo which was published last year by Wolfsinger Press. It needs one more polish and then it's ready for the world.

Novel: The Silver Sea
Can't say too much about this one only to mention how excited I am about it. Again, it needs one last polish before I can send it out.

Novelette: The Man Who Ate Planets
Coming soon in the Permuted Press anthology Best New Tales of the Apocalypse...


Gareth D Jones said…
I have a novelette of 16,500 words. It's a very inconvenient length. :o/
Lee Moan said…
I agree Gareth! I always try to remember the sage advice that a story "should be as long as it needs to be" but such sensible advice doesn't help when you're trying to find a market for it! :)

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