Steampunk Tales

May I direct your attention to a stupendous new publication currently storming its way onto the interweb, a wonderful periodical which deals exclusively with the fantabulous steampunk genre? It's called Steampunk Tales and it's a thing of wonderment and beauty. Issue 2 has just been released for download at the meagre price of $1.99, whilst issue 1 is still available for free. The latest issue contains fiction from such talented individuals as Lawrence Dagstine, Phillip Challis, Brenda Cooper and many more.
Take a peek, you'll be glad you did!


KK said…
an excellent read no doubt dear sir. I shall be purchasing one today.

by the way, perhaps one would care to lend an ear my new steam-powered ensemble The Steampunk Orchestra?

Our new gramophone recording (an adventure in glorious stereo) is called 'The Magic Lantern', and some snippets can be heard at

Lee Moan said…
Had a brief listen, KK. Very cool indeed.

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