Killing Gloria

Just about to be published: the latest edition of Estronomicon, the short-fiction ezine published by Screaming Dreams Press, featuring my story 'Killing Gloria'. It's one of my earlier stories, and still one of my personal favourites. The story appeared previously in Scifantastic #2, and received a very favourable review at Whispers of Wickedness. Steve Redwood had this to say:

Quite different in tone is Lee Moan's Killing Gloria, a successful action-packed mixture of serious and a bit tongue-in-cheek, as a man tries to rid himself of an android or replicant who (though more like Desdemona than Othello, but I do so want to throw in the one Shakespearean quote I can remember!) 'loved not wisely but too well', and more to the point, 'one not easily jealous, but being wrought, perplexed in the extreme'. After the husband has 'killed' the too-devoted lady for the second time, she is getting tetchy, and indeed rather ominously 'perplexed': "I'm finding it very hard not to be angry with you right now." Retribution swiftly follows, as it is wont to do in fiction. This would make a wonderful Twilight Zone film.

There is also some fantastic fiction from the likes of Hugh MacDonald (Dead of Night Award Winner), Robin James Hutton, Sean Parker and Charles Black, amongst others. Go here to download the latest issue: Estronomicon Fiction Special


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