Ebook Publication at Screaming Dreams

Medea's Children
This long short story, my longest to date, is scheduled to appear as an eBook at Screaming Dreams Press in the very near future. I'm very excited about this. Screaming Dreams is growing in reputation as a serious small press outlet, publishing paperback books, ebooks and, of course, its quarterly ezine Estronomicon. Editor/Publisher Steve Upham is also publishing my story Killing Gloria in the next issue of the zine, which I am very pleased about.

Whilst my short novel The Hotel Galileo is having a final read-through with friends/relatives, I've been concentrating on writing my next book. The work so far is incredibly exciting, and I'm literally bursting to talk about it to anyone who might listen; but long ago I made it a golden rule never to talk about a project whilst it was 'in progress'. I found early on that this can be the kiss of death for any project. You can never describe to someone in a few words what you are imagining in the minutest detail inside your head. You can try, but it's usually best to wait until at least the completion of the first draft. Then, any criticisms or openly negative comments you may receive can act as fuel for the second draft. But maybe that's just me.

I'm also hoping to receive a few responses from magazine editors in the next week or two. I've got eight still on submission, most of them having been under consideration for two or three months. Fingers crossed for some more good news.


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