Whisper-and-Fire Con

Last Saturday, June 9th, I went to my very first Con. It took place at the Coach and Horses, Great Marlborough Street in London. I went along with my brother and sister and it was a great introduction to cons in general, being a small-ish gathering of the good and the great. It was nice to finally meet D, editor and creator of Whispers of Wickedness (one of the leading small press magazines currently up for a few award nominations for the British Fantasy Awards) who I had only previously dealt with via email and the very active online forum at the Whispers of Wickedness website. It was also great to meet Peter Tennant, whose one-act play ‘Dialogue with Sexual Interlude’ I ended up playing a part in! I’m enjoying his book reviews at the new TTA website at the moment. And, of course, Djibril, who had a lot to do with organising this Con, being a joint venture between Whispers and Djibril’s own zine The Future Fire. Overall, I had some great conversations throughout the afternoon, and it was nice to spend time in the company of other writers. Looking forward to the next Con.


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