Jupiter SF #16

My story 'Medea's Children' appears in the latest issue of UK SF mag Jupiter, edited by Ian Redman. The magazine also contains stories by Gareth D Jones, Ralph Greco Jr, Geraint D'Arcy and Caroline Bates. At 2.75 (GBP) a copy for a print magazine it's an irresistible bargain!

I don't regard myself as a science fiction writer. 'Medea's Children' is one of just a handful of SF stories I've written, but the science (what little there is) is only ever used as a backdrop for the deeply human story I'm trying to tell. In this case, the story is about a young woman's search for her infant child on an inhospitable planet. It was written quite some time ago and I'm very proud of it. I'm also glad that it's found a home in such a well-respected magazine.


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