The Glamour!

Short Story Sale - 'The Glamour'

After many rewrites and falling in and out of love with this little tale, I have finally found a market for 'The Glamour'. Chimaera Serials is a new online magazine which prints both short stories and serials. 'The Glamour' is scheduled to appear in their January issue.

'The Glamour' tells the story of scarred Wendy, who comes across a gypsy glamour - a vial of blood that, when imbibed, makes the owner appear beautiful and irresistible to men. Great for Wendy, not so great for the menfolk of her local town, as there is a dark twist in the tale. Well, I couldn't write something that was just 'nice' could I?

NaNoWriMo Update

A great deal of ups and downs during the past week. The Hotel Galileo got up to 25,500 at one point, then had to be severely rejigged (lots of adding and subtracting) so that the final word count last night was 26,600. Still hoping to complete the first draft by Nov 30, but I'm not sure there's fifty thousand words to be had on this draft. We shall see.

Lost Series 3

The new series of Lost started on Sunday night on Sky One. I'm going to try and stick with it throughout the entire series this time, not dip in and out as previously noted on this blog. I do love it. I'm just not very patient.

A Darkling Plain

Reading the final volume in Philip Reeve's Hungry City Chronicles, A Darkling Plain. The first three books are: Mortal Engines, Predator's Gold, and Infernal Devices. Probably the most entertaining books I've read in a long time. Highly recommended, for adults and middle readers alike.


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