Back on Track

Last Wednesday I sat my exam for this year's Open University course (The Nineteenth Century Novel) and afterwards felt a huge wave of relief that it was all over for another year. It's been a tough year. A new job, a new baby, constant financial worries, etc, all added up to probably my least productive year for writing. Having said that, since last Wednesday I've been reinvigorated and now have all of my best stories out there doing the rounds:

Medea's Children - Has been with Intergalactic Medicine Show for a year now. Final Decision pending.
Juju - Hub Magazine
Pleasure Units - Forgotten Worlds
When I have Fears that I May Cease to be - Heliotrope
The Glamour - Dark Recesses Press
Symbiosis - Entry in Specficworld's Short Story Contest (Results Oct 30th)
Defence Mechanism - Aoife's Kiss

Hoping to get some good news in the not too distant future.

I'm gearing up to tackle the second draft of Lazarus Island very soon, but I'm also contemplating having another go at National Novel Writing Month again this November. I've got a handful of novel ideas simmering away nicely on the backburner. But which one?


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