The latest issue of UK spec-fic mag Scifantastic has just gone on sale. The issue contains my story 'Groghol's Staff', a light-hearted fantasy tale which first began life under the auspicious title 'The Wizard Apprenticeship Scheme'. It was originally envisioned as a fantasy take on the 70s hit record 'Camp Granada', in which a young man writes home to his parents telling them what a dreadful time he's having at camp. In the end I had to trim it down considerably and lose the epistolary element. The resulting story is still one of my most enjoyable writing experiences, one which contains much of my own humour, and a dash of pathos, too.

The issue is priced at £2.50 for the print version. A PDF version is available for £1. You can order a copy here: Scifantastic

The cover is by Roderick Gladwish. See more of his work:(


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